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1 Future EP
BPM 123 / KEY D♯ min
2 Imagine (Origianal Mix)
BPM 124 / KEY G min
3 Amatre (Origianal Mix)
BPM 125 / KEY F maj
4 Erebus (Origianal Mix)
BPM 123 / KEY C♯ min

About Album

My first EP project “FUTURE”, was finally completed and published. During this time I worked in Studio, I managed to complete the final version consisting of 4 tracks at the end of a 5-month period in this album, which I tried to create with many different kinds of sounds. The song “Future” in the album, which is also named after the album, is shown as the favorite song in the album. I would like to thank everyone who worked and supported me with this project. I can also say that I enjoyed designing the cover visual graphic.

I would also like to thank the model Nastya Kozlova for her photo in the cover image. And big big thanks to NRG for the mixing & mastering works of my album.


Catalog Number: #PURE001

Release Date: 06.04.20

Mixing / Mastering: NRG

Publisher: TuneCore

Cover Design: GRKM DRL

Cover Model: Nastya Kozlova [Instagram: @nobeckham]

Release Date
April 6, 2020

Available On

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